ADHD Diagnosed Children Treated with Prescribed Amphetamines


In the 1990s experts and advocacy groups for ADHD often funded by pharmaceutical companies made the argument that children diagnosed with ADHD and treated with stimulants would not become addicted and would also be less likely to abuse any drugs as they aged. The argument was that ADHD put children at risk for future improper behavior. A recent study refuted this notion and showed that the use of Ritalin and Adderall predisposes children as they age to substance abuse and showed no evidence of treating the disorder better than behavioral approaches. More credible studies with hard evidence on these facts need to be completed but it is known that in 2010 Adderall was second only to Vicodin in prescription drug abuse by high school seniors. What is known is that abuse of amphetamines can led to seizures, psychosis and life-threatening heart disease.

As an advocate of homeschooling and youth, this article made me very alarmed. Young children have been and always will be predisposed to wiggling in chairs, dropping pencils, short bursts of attention and blurting out answers to questions when excited by a subject. This is very evident in the auditory and kinesthetic learning styles, who need to be engaged in learning through the use of their vocal chords and must be able to move around and physically manipulate learning tools to assimilate what they are learning. These children are definitely more likely than the visual learner to be diagnosed with ADHD by virtue of who they are and what makes them tick. Parents should become aware of how their children learn and use this to the child’s advantage in homeschooling (I cover this extensively in my book). If you are new to homeschooling and your child was previously diagnosed with ADHD by the school system or an expert, take the time to research this disorder and think about your child objectively. What are our expectations of proper behavior in a young child and do they make sense in society today? There are true cases of this disorder but I believe it is over used by the school system to further create students that fit their mold instead of helping our children create and mold themselves by finding their inborn skills and talents. One of homeschooling’s greatest gifts is to give our children time to mature and learn at their own pace.

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