Interest Based Learning

Aiding your child’s learning by honing in on something or someone they have a great interest in is a phenomenal way to create excitement about learning and show a child that there are many facets to every idea studied. While homeschooling our family practiced interest based learning without putting a name to it or consciously thinking about how much knowledge one small idea or question can lead you to discover.

Once this realization did occur it highlighted how natural a process learning is and that subject segregation is not necessary. As an example, while reading a biography of Benjamin Franklin a child will also learn about his scientific studies and the role Mr. Franklin played in the history of the United States of America. What I saw happen was that the child will then naturally gravitate to study one of these other subjects in more depth and this progression continues via its own momentum.

To illustrate how this concept may be used I have created the Interest Based Learning Flowchart to kick start your creative learning process. This flowchart is one of the many recordkeeping PDFs included with my ebook, Homeschooling; Start and Succeed with Lifelong Learning. Watch the video and see how a child’s simple question can become a great learning experience.