Channel Creativity in a Maker Space

In the past few months I have come across several ideas to channel one’s creativity. This started with my education into what a hacker space really focuses on and promotes. Some people prefer to call hacker spaces, maker spaces, because they seek to bring do-it-youselfers together as families. Many of these groups have a tech focus ranging from hardware and tools to robotics but more and more the maker spaces are delving into anything that teaches people to make something from nothing and be resourceful. Yes, the arts and crafts are also seen as important and depending on the maker space you can find sewing taking place or 3-D printers being used. What I find exciting about the newer maker spaces is that they recognize the importance of families being together in one location enjoying unique activities. What better way for adults to model the art of lifelong learning. The face-to-face social aspects of maker spaces also appeals to people wishing to make friends and share knowledge; making them a perfect match for homeschooling familes. One particular maker space near me, Hayhackers, is using crowdfunding to raise money to rent a larger meeting space and often maker spaces charge a membership fee after initial free visits. Reach out to other families you know and start your own group if none exists near you. The meeting space need not be elaborate or rigidly structured. Our family used to take part in a maker group years ago that met in a park once a month. What is important is to take the first step to build on your natural creativity while learning about yourself with others.

For those who often use internet sites to find activities for their children from camp experiences to sports leagues here are a few newer websites to search:

ActivityHero – a search engine that lets families find camps by type of activity, city, age group, and start to end date. Right now this website focuses on the San Francisco bay area but it is growing rapidly.

AvtivityTree – an online resource to find information on classes, camps, and sports leagues for children. The search may be done by zip code, city or type of activity.

Camperoo – search for camps or activities and register for them online.

Famtivity – this site combines the ability to search for activities and emphasizes social networking to locate activities and share them with others.

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