Cry for Future Coders Updated

A few blogs ago I wrote about the real need in the job market now and in the future for coders. This seems to definitely have the computer/internet technology industry concerned because they know the jobs outnumber students in this field of study 3-to-1. So if you have a child who is interested in being the next creator of a firm like Twitter or Instagram, then encourage them to take action. The organization which is spearheading awareness of this need,, is still offering free basic instruction in coding. Just go to their website and click on the word, Learn, and within minutes you will understand the basics of simple programs. This same tab, Learn, also contains links to free online courses that discuss programming for apps, computers and robotics. These are filled with great ideas for science study and projects even if your child doesn’t wish to enter the workforce as a coder. However, if this subject has your child thrilled the Khan Academy, edX and Coursera all provide more indepth accessible high-quality computer courses on the high school and junior college level. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is so concerned that he states, “Our policy is literally to hire as many talented engineers as we can find”. One of the reasons for this is that the large internet companies are yearning for young fresh minds, who can come up with revolutionary ideas to appeal to future generations.

I ask myself why there is such a lack of interest in this field of study by the youth of today. One reason stated is that in the public school system teenagers do not view learning to code as cool and consider interest in it nerdy. It seems things don’t change because when I was in school an interest in math or science then would also brand you as uncool and geeky. Another reason our country faces a lack of computer technology students is that not a single state requires students take a computer science class to graduate. Many public schools do offer basic computer classes but these seem to focus more on introductions to using the computer in a normal day-to-day work setting and any indepth classes are offered as electives. What this means is that a homeschooler with a passion for this field of study has a world of opportunity open to them to learn at their own pace and put their skills to use now and in the long term. Don’t wait, sieze the opportunity and live your dream.

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