Educate- Latin educo

Recently, I saw the Latin root word of education defined and the meaning was dead on to me as a homeschooler. Educo means to educe, to draw out or to develop from within. I certainly can find no better words to describe what I feel is the essence of homeschooling. We seek to determine the interests of our children and then draw out their talents and abilities enabling them to use the knowledge they have and will acquire. This way of learning is the opposite of trying to force feed data to a child prior to their seeing its relevance. You can always find connections between a necessary course of study and a child’s interests and children love to participate in the process.

The idea of interest based learning I discussed in an earlier blog and my book offers an easy way for families to take an interest, hobby or subject and develop a course of study around it with minimal brainstorming. Once you go through this process you start to see that segregating learning by categories is not necessary and that learning or education can definitely  be a wholistic approach. Picture an everyday item, say a bicycle. A course of study that encompasses everything from science to physical education and even math and history can be developed. Who made the first bicycle and where? What is the concept behind pedaling creating momentum? What country has the most bicycles in use? How many styles of bicycle racing are there and how do I get involved? I could keep asking these questions and by the time I am done we can find a connection to every subject you feel your child should be studying. Once you and your child start this process you find so much to learn and one subject just leads to another. What will strike you as phenomenal is realizing the quantity of knowlege learned in the process of delving into this one subject and all because it was borne of an innate interest.

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