Freedom and Homeschooling

The long 4th of July holiday weekend made me think about the freedoms we enjoy in our country and how people from the founding fathers to modern day citizens still safeguard these. I often chide myself for not daily remembering that people in many other countries would give so much for what I book-smallreceived as a birthright. Choosing to homeschool is one of the many freedoms we enjoy in the United States and there are countries in the world where it is not a legal right. There are also many children who never have schooling in any form as an option but are put to work as soon as they are capable of performing some useful task to earn a living and put food on the family table. Remembering this has often lifted my mood when the homeschooling path hit a few bad days or weeks, as it can and will.

Exercise your educating freedom by taking time to seek quiet and reflect during the learning process giving your mind time to digest and grow.  In our desire to do more faster we forget that the assimilation of knowledge takes time and that we need to use knowledge to make it an integral part of us. Learning facts and figures is only useful if we then can utilize it in our daily lives. I was reminded of this recently while looking at the meaning of the word educate. The Latin root is educo and its meaning is to educe, to draw out, to develop from within. I can think of no more fitting way to explain self-directed learning/home education.  It is the drawing out and developing of the talents and skills that lie within all of us, as we accumulate knowledge. Homeschooling affords us the opportunity to accomplish this at a pace natural to the individual in the best form and scope possible. Homeschoolers learn so much useful knowledge in the course of their education but nothing more valuable than understanding who they are and what they can offer the world in return.


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