Learning Styles; why are they important?

A person’s learning style is the cornerstone to how they interpret the world around them and then process the information they receive for use. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be charismatic speakers, great writers or can repair broken items effortlessly? These people are exhibiting what comes naturally to them through their learning style whether they be an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner. People like to work through problems or new situations in the most efficient manner possible and children are no exception. These fact are why knowing a person’s learning style is so important, if you are engaging them in an educational experience.

People have one inate learning style and when an educator determines this and uses it to instruct the person they have hit on a gold mine. Not only does knowing and using an individual’s learning style make learning easier but it also makes it a much more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. How many of us have witnessed a child who just cannot get a concept and feels like they are a failure because of it? How often does the school system just keep motoring on to the next topic of study making the child feel even further behind? My belief is that homeschooling allows you to determine your child’s learning style and then use this natural style to best advantage making learning an attainable and happy part of life. By no means is this difficult to do or implement, as the basic learning styles play off of the three senses of sound, sight and touch. All that is needed is observation and creativity to achieve success.

As we become adults, knowing how we learn and having the ability to assess this trait in others becomes equally as important. Group projects in the workplace, as well as in the home, will invariably involve working with people who learn differently and because of this have developed different talents and insights. It is phenomenal when you can see a group tap into these different styles and actively use them to become more creative and productive than would have been possible as individuals. Speaking the learning style language of your family members and coworkers also is an efficient way to help people self-motivate and do their best work. Your learning style makes you a unique individual just waiting to contribute to the world and others; take the time to discover this and make the most of your talents.

Learning style descriptions, teaching methods and recognition are discussed more in my book, Homeschooling: Start and Succeed with Lifelong Learning.

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