Online Education

Online education is gaining in popularity and acceptance for people of all ages and today an entire family can continue their education from home as long as they own a computer. Families are using online public education sites to homeschool with a set curriculum and adults are adding job skills with online training. One of the most exciting developments is that online courses are gaining acceptance with colleges and universites, which will allow young adults to receive credit for the classes they take in their pursuit of a degree. Imagine a high school homeschooler taking these courses, which are often free, and thus shortening the time it takes to earn a college degree and saving money in the bargain.

The following is a sample of the online public educaiton sites available in northern California. To find similar sites in your state search for online education sites by using your zip code as a starting point:

1. California Virtual Academies,

2. FAME Public Charter,

3. Visions in Education,

4. Ocean Grove Charter,

5. Natomas Charter,

6. California Connections Academy,

When looking at online education with a public entity, remember to keep your goals in mind and never relinquish control of your child’s education in any manner you are not comfortable with. By no means is online education a substitute for one on one interaction with a parent or guardian but it is a tool to be used to enhance the learning experience.

The following online education sites are geared to secondary level courses and adult education to acquire new workplace skills:

1. Courera – Courses are free and include classes in medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business and computer science.

2. Udacity – Some courses are free but there is a charge for those that provide college credit. The subjects offered are computer sciences, algebra,

physics, building startups, artificial intelligence and others.

3. 2U – Provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs for credit.

4. Khan Academy – Free courses in math, science, history, art and computer sciences.

5. Udemy – 75% of courses are free and the subjects range from computer programming, computer languages, Excel, how to create a startup and how to

raise capital for a new company.


Check out these paths to gaining knowledge and never stop learning or aiding others as they learn and grow.

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