The Book

book-smallAbout This Book:  Homeschooling: Start & Succeed with Lifelong Learning is my conversation with any parent or parent to be, who has the desire to know more about the homeschooling lifestyle. I use my twenty year journey with my four children to share the outstanding benefits and unique challenges we encountered, as we all learned and grew, to assure any parent they can succeed in homeschooling. One of the first things you learn is that success is not merely measured by attaining a goal but by growing and learning while accomplishing your dream.

An important thing I discovered is that given a chance all children have an intense inborn desire to learn, create and apply their talents. Unfortunately, the current public school system does not take advantage of this desire and more often than not kills it. How then does a parent revive this spirit and help their child develop into a remarkable person just waiting to experience life? Homeschooling can give any family the opportunity to do these things while adapting the learning experience to each child’s individual learning and communicating styles, which are discussed in the book.

This book does discuss various ways to establish a curriculum, keep records easily and utilize community networks to make homeschooling affordable and successful. What this book does not do is say there is only one way to be a successful homeschooling family and this is part of the beauty of homeschooling.  You and your family create the learning experience that is right for you and your lifestyle. Know that once you and your children take ownership of the schooling experience you also take ownership of your lives and that is true freedom.

Who this book is for:  Even though this book is about homeschooling it benefits any parent, educator or individual that wishes to understand how to enable people to enrich their lives through learning and then apply and use that knowledge. Most people think of homeschooling as being for children only but I believe it is a concept to be applied throughout life.  As amazing as it is to see a child enthralled in the learning experience, it can be even more invigorating as an adult to discover new talents and remember how great it feels to be excited about what life has to offer. Therefore, this book is for those who wish to aid children to learn and develop into productive and happy members of society while also discovering that at any point in life we are all capable of finding that spark that brings back our own creativity.

Why is this Book Important? :  The importance of this book lies in the fact that quite often less is more.  Less time wasted, less time taking standardized tests, and less time worrying about peer pressure all add up to more time in enjoyable learning experiences and the creation of self-confidence.  Education is not about the latest method or newest technology but more about facilitating a child or any person to find how they best learn, so they can most easily acquire the knowledge and skills to go forward in life.  This does not require special training but it does require minds that refuse to give up and that know challenges are learning experiences too. Confidence in homeschooling grows by participation and repetition just like riding a bike.  It also allows you to fall off, get back on and learn at your own pace.

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